Well-known Omani photographer and tour guide Abdullah Al Shuhi invites you on a journey of discovery that captures the natural grandeur, cultural diversity and rich heritage of Oman.

Choose from an array of specially tailored tours designed keeping the photographer in mind, thus taking into account the time of day and vantage settings to ensure the perfect frame for picture postcard snapshots. Each tour is organised to cater to small groups of not more than four people, thereby affording every participant exclusive and personalized attention.

Oman Photo Holidays is the only specialist provider of bespoke tours exclusively targeted at amateur and professional photographers in one of Arabia’s most exciting holiday destinations.

Oman has long been a magnet for photography lovers drawn by the country’s rich natural and cultural diversity. Majestic mountains, meandering wadis (dry river channels), tranquil deserts, picturesque hamlets, Bedouin homesteads, and tradition-minded inhabitants attest to Oman’s spectacular and varied appeal.

Adding to the country’s allure is its extensive coastline, punctuated by sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. In these pristine coastal settings, tourists come for an invigorating dip, gaze at underwater corals, watch nesting green turtles, go dolphin spotting, or simply admire traditional fishermen in action.

History abounds in the land of magnificent fortresses, hilltop watchtowers, and crumbling mud-brick neighbourhoods. Watch the traditional auction of camels, goats, fish and farm produce in rustic marketplaces rich with charm and custom.

Veteran photographer and guide Abdullah invites you to capitalise on his intimate knowledge of Oman for a peek into – and a snapshot of – Arabia’s enchanting soul.