Four Days Tour

Wadi Al Arbiyeen / Wadi Shab / Bahla fort / Sur / Wadi Bani Khalid / Nizwa Fort / Nizwa old town / Nizwa Souk / Jabrin Castle / Al Hamra / Misfat Al Abryeen / Jabal Shams: In addition to all of the attractions spelt out in the afore-mentioned three-day package, the fourth day takes you 3,000 metres above sea level to the summit of Jabal Shams – Oman’s highest mountain. Walk along the ridge of the Sultanate’s version of the Grand Canyon for spectacular views of the rugged landscapes. Also explore the splendour of Oman’s sand-sea with its majestic dunes and Bedouin inhabitants. ( You spend the first night beneath a canopy of stars in a desert camp, followed by a night in a hotel in Nizwa, and one night atop Jabal Shams ).

[Recommended days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday], Below are sample images of this tour and related photographic opportunities.

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