Seven Days Tour (One Week)

For a comprehensive photo tour encompassing all of north Oman’s varied natural, cultural and historical appeal, a classic seven-day package is available starting from Monday to Sunday.The tour begins in the capital city Muscat, designated as the “Arab Tourism Capital 2012” for its striking blend of the traditional and modern. On the itinerary are visits to the city’s fine landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Grand Mosque, fish market, historical quarter, and traditional souq in Muttrah. An afternoon cruise offers picturesque vistas of Muscat’s rugged coastline and sandy hideaways. Day 2 to Day 7 follows the itinerary set out in the six-day package (detailed above), covering north Oman’s finest tourist attractions – wadis, forts, mountain settings, traditional hamlets, ancient neighborhoods, and so on.

[Recommended days: Monday to Sunday], Below are sample images of this tour and related photographic opportunities.

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