Three Days Tour

Wadi Al Arbiyeen / Wadi Shab / Birkat Al Mouz / Sur / Rimal Al Sharqiyah (Wahiba Sands) / Wadi Bani Khalid / Nizwa Fort & Town / Nizwa Souk / Jabrin Fort / Al Hamra / Misfat Al Abryeen: Oman’s rugged natural appeal is on offer on the first day of your tour covering Wadi Al Arbiyeen and Bamah sinkhole. The coastal town of Sur offers insights into the country’s rich seafaring past. Explore the splendour of Oman’s sand-sea with its majestic dunes and Bedouin inhabitants before retiring for the night. Day 2 of your trip focuses on the natural delights of Wadi Bani Khalid, as well as the country’s martial heritage reflected in the formidable Nizwa Fort. The region’s vibrant traditions are revealed during a tour of the adjoining old town. Popular tourist attractions Nizwa Souk and Jabrin Castle figure on the itinerary on Day 3, along with forays to Al Hamra’s ancient neighbourhoods and the picture postcard hamlet of Misfat Al Abryeen. (You spend the first night beneath a canopy of stars in a desert camp followed by a night in a hotel in Nizwa).

[Recommended days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday], Below are sample images of this tour and related photographic opportunities.

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